Airtron Charlotte Credit Card Payment

 How to Airtron Charlotte Credit Card Payment?

➤ Paying payments with your Airtron Charlotte credit card payment or attempting to log in to view your account statement or control your accounts online? 

➤ This guide to payment will help you will be able to understand the options available and pay your bill. Airtron Charlotte Credit Card Payment

➤ Do you want to pay via the internet? If you want to make a payment on the internet or to manage your accounts, use the link below on this page for the Airtron Charlotte credit card login. 

➤ There are also useful details about bill pay including your credit card’s customer support number the payment billing address and mailing phone number.

Airtron Charlotte Credit Card Payment Information

➤ Airtron Charlotte Credit is currently issued by Synchrony Financial. The issuer provides a variety of payment options. We suggest signing up for this online payment service.

Pay your bill online: With Synchrony Financial Online you can make instant payments at any time of day. 

The payments are made on the same day, up to 11:59 pm ET. It’s always a good idea to make an advance payment and, in this case, you can choose to make as many as 12 future-dated installments or sign up for the automatic payment system. 

The online service provides additional options and tools to manage accounts. Airtron Charlotte Credit Card account. 

To pay payment with your Airtron Charlotte credit card payment online, click”Pay Online” below. Click the “Pay online” option below.

This will allow you to log in to register, access your account statement, as well as manage your account on the internet.

Pay Your Bill By phone: The Airtron Charlotte credit card payment numbers are 1-866-419-4096. Make your payment by phone. Be sure to have your account numbers on be on hand. Remember that you could be charged for this service.

Pay your bill by Telephone: The Airtron Charlotte Credit Card payment address is Synchrony Financial, PO BOX 960061, Orlando, FL 32896-0061. 

We recommend that you only make use of this method of payment in the event that you have ample time before the due date. 

Make sure to include the Airtron Charlotte account number on your payment. The account number is in your bill. 

To ensure that your Airtron Charlotte payment is received on time, it is recommended to send the payment no less than five business days before the due date that appears on your monthly statement of billing.

Cash in the Store No. You are currently unable to pay with your Airtron Charlotte credit card in stores.

Airtron Charlotte Credit Card Customer Service: The Airtron Charlotte credit card customer service number is 1-866-419-4096.

Airtron Charlotte Credit Card Introduction

➤ Airtron Heating & Air Conditioning is one of the HVAC firms that provide financing and credit options for its customers. 

➤ These kinds of purchases aren’t inexpensive, and many customers prefer to place these purchases on credit cards instead of having to pay for everything at once.

➤ However, for those who do not have the credit or those who don’t wish to tie up other lines of credit Credit from issuers such as Synchrony Financial makes an appealing option.

➤ It is the Airtron Charlotte Credit Card, which is offered in conjunction together with Synchrony Financial, offers a variety of advantages. 

➤ Its APR might not be the lowest (26.99 percent) However, this rate is only applicable to non-promotional purchases.

➤ What you’ll want to watch for is a plan with deferred interest. If you have a plan that defers interest, you can place your purchase onto the Airtron Charlotte Credit Card, make the payment over time, and do not pay interest. 

➤ The card will not charge interest so long as you pay all your monthly payments in time and complete your purchase when the terms require.

➤ In the end, it’s an opportunity here to get financing for your purchase and enjoy no-interest payments but you have to be vigilant and keep in good standing throughout the period of the promotion. If you do this, all will go well.

About Airton Charlotte

➤ Airtron is a renowned supplier of HVAC products and equipment for new homes. 

➤ Through partnerships with the top builders across the United States, Airtron offers complete HVAC services and plans for replacement, along with professional customer service. 

➤ They install the most reliable and top-quality components and equipment in the market.

Special Financing Option Help You Get What You Really Or Need

➤ There’s no reason to let a limited budget prevent you from acquiring the things you truly require or want. This is the reason Airtron Heating & Air Conditioning provides special financing options through Synchrony Financial.

➤ Synchrony Financial (formerly GE Capital Retail Finance) is an innovator in financial consumer services that spans more than 80 years of experience in retail and is today the biggest supplier of credit cards with private labels across the United States.

➤ Synchrony Financial can provide you with promotional financing on major purchases. It is an economical way to help to get what you require or want. Increase your purchasing capability and make it more convenient by:

➤ An easy application process and quick credit decision

➤ Unsecured, generous, revolving credit lines

➤ Credit line open for future purchases

➤ Pay for your bills on a monthly basis with ease

➤ Competitive rates of interest

➤ No prepayment penalties

➤ In contrast to Visa(r), MasterCard, and other credit cards issued by banks, Synchrony Financial provides multiple ways to finance promotions, such as:

Plan 600

Reduced 9.99 APR at 9% with fixed payments of 1.25 percent of purchase value – Until Paid in full

➤ When you purchase with your Synchrony Credit card from a bank. A fee of $29 for account activation is applicable. Estimated payoff period 132 months. Check out the following for more information.

Enables Promotional Disclosure – on the same page or just a click away:
➤ The offer is only available for purchases made using the Synchrony bank credit card. The monthly interest is charged on promotional purchases starting after the date of purchase at a lower 9.99 APR.

➤ In addition, regular monthly payments are required in the amount of 1.25 percent of the initial purchase value until the promotion is paid in full. 

➤ The fixed monthly amount is rounded up to the next highest total dollar and could be greater than the minimum which is required if the purchase were not a promotional purchase. Regular terms for accounts apply to purchases made without promotion. 

➤ For new accounts The APR for purchases is 26.99 percent; the Minimum Rate of Interest is $ 2. Account Activation Fee : $29. Cardholders with existing accounts should check the credit card agreement to determine the applicable terms. 

➤ The credit card agreement is subject to approval by the bank.

Plan 602

➤ Reduced 5.99 APR, and fixed monthly installments equivalent to 3.00 percent of the promo purchase value – Until Paid in full

Plan 604

➤ Reduced 7.99 APR, with fixed payments of 2.00 percent of the promo purchase price – until paid in full

Plan 605

➤ No monthly interest if paid in full within the first 18 months (Deferred interest) 2.50%ARP
➤ No monthly interest charges will apply if the promo purchase balance isn’t fully paid within the timeframe of the promotion.

➤ The online application process is simple secure, safe, and confidential. To apply for a Home Design credit card, you must Home Design credit card, just fill out your online credit application. You’ll be able to go through the information regarding privacy policies and read the terms of the offer prior to submitting your online application.

Airtron Essential Plans Terms And Condition

➤ These Airtron Essential Plans Terms and Conditions outline the conditions upon which we’ll provide the services described herein and also in your Purchase Confirmation (collectively”the “Agreement”). Please go through this Agreement carefully. Coverage is not guaranteed, and some exclusions may apply.


A. ” Administrator” refers to the Administrator named in this Agreement who is at least Airtron, Inc. Or, for customers residing on Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia as well as in the District of Columbia, Masters, Inc. (d/b/a Airtron) 5150 Elmwood Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203. Toll-Free: 1-800-419-6181. To arrange Service you must look up your Order Confirmation to contact the office of the Administrator closest to You.

B. ” Agreement” is the term used to describe the Airtron Essential Plan Terms and Conditions, and is comprised of the order confirmation.

C. ” Authorized Repair Technician” is the repair technician, which could be or Administrator dispatch in response to Your request.

D. ” Coverage Period” refers to the time period that this Agreement as defined in Section 5. Agreement.

E. ” Covered Item” refers to any component or system as specifically described in this document as part of the particular Plan you have purchased that might be unusable due to wear and wear and tear. This includes breakdowns due to lack of maintenance if, at the time of the breakdown, the reason behind the breakdown was not known. Covered items should be installed correctly and operating in good order as of the date of the effective date.

F. ” Effective Date” refers to the date stated by the Purchase Order Confirmation.

G. ” Eligible Facility” refers to a single-family dwelling or small business with five tons or less of HVAC or cooling unit, which is within our service area. If the eligible facility is a townhouse, house or condominium, apartment unit or modular home manufactured residence, it must be fixed to a foundation that is permanent and cannot be moved for the period of the Plan. The plan only applies to the equipment and systems used to service the particular unit, not to common spaces or shared systems within multi-unit dwellings. The eligible facility is the one you provide to Us on your enrollment form.

H. ” Enrollment Form” refers to the form that you wrote or that you completed to sign up for the plan you chose.

I. ” Equipment” refers to electric or natural gas furnaces and air handlers heat pumps, electric-powered central air conditioning units, package units mini-split units, and other systems which are covered within the Plan.

J. ” Order Confirmation” refers to the electronic or written message We send that identifies the plan You chose and details of your payment that You supplied.

K. ” Plan” is”Airtron Essential Plan” Airtron Essential Plan You purchased according to the information on your Order Confirmation.

L. ” Service” or ” Services” is the process of determining and performing of the task, which includes components and labor, in order in order to replace or repair any covered Item according to the terms in this Agreement.

M. ” Trade Call Fee” is a term used to describe the amount payable by You in connection with a service visit by an authorized repair technician. The applicable fee will be noted on Your enrollment Form or on the Order Confirmation.

N. ” We“, ” Us” and ” Our” refer to the named party in this Agreement Airtron, Inc., located at 5150 Elmwood Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203.

O. “You” and “Your” means the owner or the resident of the eligible facility that is covered by the Plan.


➤ This contract provides for the repair or replacement of specified parts to your equipment.

➤ This is NOT a contract for insurance. The obligations under this agreement are only backed by the 100% CREDIT AND FAITH OF AIRTRON, INC.

➤ They are not guaranteed in a REIMBURSEMENT INSURED policy. The purchase of insurance is not a requirement and SIMILAR coverage may be purchased via a different provider. 

➤ This agreement covers the cost for the specific diagnosis and REPAIR WORK TEMPORARIZED HEREIN to repair equipment rented INOPERABLE BY a MECHANICAL FAILURE triggered by normal wear and tear, WHICH IS SUGGESTED BY the limitations and exclusions applicable to you.


➤ The plan You selected will pay for the particular diagnosis and repair work described in the plan to repair equipment that has become inoperable because of mechanical malfunction due to wear and tear, subject to the limits and restrictions. 

➤ The decision to replace or repair a component is taken by Us, at Our discretion. 

➤ Your Plan will not provide any other service than those described herein and selected by you on the enrollment form and as indicated upon the confirmation of the purchase.


➤ The Equipment has to be placed in an eligible facility and:

  • that is located within the permanent base of Eligible Facility;
  • In good and correct functioning order as of the date of effective;
  • conveniently and readily accessible to be easily accessible for repair and diagnosis easily and quickly accessible for diagnosis and repair Authorized Repair Technician.
  • is located in a secure area in a safe environment for the Authorized Repair technician to work in a safe environment.


➤ Equipment that has design defects or which has been used or altered or damaged as a result of extreme weather conditions, subsidence and lightning an explosion, earthquake, flood or storms, war-related acts, and other risky situations, as well as accidental or deliberate damage caused by vandalism or theft, are not included in the Plan. 

➤ The Plan doesn’t include the boilers and conversion burners and other equipment that uses conversion burners or ductless wall units, equipment that weighs more than 5 tons geothermal unit loops high-speed units natural gas-powered air conditioning units steam, oil, or units, as well as water-cooled units. 

➤ The Services cannot be offered if an Authorized Repair Technician is prohibited from entering an eligible facility due to the presence of insects, animals, or other hazardous conditions, or if the Equipment can not access.

Equipment components not covered by the Plan may include, but not be only:

    • Filters for Fuel and Air
    • Check valves for backflow
    • Batteries
    • Condensate pumps
    • Dehumidifiers
    • Disconnects
    • Drain lines
    • Ductwork and Grills
    • Energy Recovery Ventilation
    • Venting in plastic or metal and all the associated components
    • External drain tubing, as well as all the parts associated with it
    • Low voltage and external line wiring
    • Combustion chamber/firebox
    • Cleaning the heat exchanger
    • Circuit Breakers and Fuses
    • Heat Recovery Units
    • Heat Recovery Ventilation
    • Humidifiers
    • Humidistat
    • High- and low-water cut-off valves
    • The tests for nitrogen isolation to identify the source of a leak in the refrigerant
    • Surge Protection Devices
    • UV sterilization systems
    • Zone thermostats/controls as well as energy management controls
    • Zoning and air purifiers, as well as any additional parts, added to your Equipment to allow for ancillary equipment.

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