Apex Legends Patch Notes Update


Patch Notes Update for Apex Legends.

apex legends patch notes: There are frequently new gameplay updates for Apex Legends. These updates are typically released for a new season and contain newly playable.

characters, new maps, or adjustments to weapon damage in addition to bug fixes. apex legends patch notes.

The descriptions of these updates are known as “Patch Notes.”apex legends patch notes. You may read about all the most recent patch notes for Apex Legends on this page.

Smaller upgrades are also included in each season, and recent updates have focused on DDOS attacks.

1.72 Apex Legends Update.

Denial of service (DDOS) attacks in Apex Legends’ ranked mode is the focus of the 1.72 updates for the game.

“When we detect an attack, all players will be kicked out of the game and given loss forgiveness,” Respawn tweeted.

Apex Legends Patch Notes Update

The goal is to prevent attackers from gaining an edge and to shield victims of attacks from RP losses. “More improvements to deal with these kinds of attacks are on the horizon,” the statement stated.

Hackers have been known to launch DDOS attacks against the entire lobby in an effort to harvest kills and RP from inactive players. apex legends patch notes.

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1.71 Apex Legends Update.

The Apex Legends Arenas leavers penalties were addressed in version 1.71 since players were getting arbitrarily banned. This upgrade should result in fewer players leaving teams that lose one or two games.

  1. Voice chat issues on Switch are fixed in the Apex Legends 1.71 update.
  2. allows Arenas to receive leaver penalties. The activation of leaver penalties may take up to 24 hours.
  3. gives the Pride badge to every player.
  4. 1.70 Apex Legends Patch.
  5. The Valkyrie character’s power has changed as a result of the Apex Legends 1.70 patch, which also fixes issues on Switch.

Patch Notes for every version 1.70:

  • Clock manipulation was fixed, preventing Switch users from being thrown out.
  • Confirmation for Bloodhound x Lifeline edition.
  • In comparison to hovering without using Valkyrie’s tactical, hovering while using it uses more
  • fuel. This prevents players in Valkyrie from “taking a coffee break.”
  • Fixed the bug that incorrectly tracked “Win X rounds in Arenas” wins.
  • Fixing the lobby’s lighting effect bug.
  • Fixes for stability

Notes for the ninth patch of Apex Legends.

Arenas: New Game Mode.

Arenas, a new persistent mode.

The format is 3-vs-3. To win the round, eliminate your opponents. There are no safe places to hide or run. Arenas have personalized maps. In a “spawn room,” equipped with guns, gear, and abilities, squads begin a game. The first team with a two-point advantage after three rounds wins. A tie score of 4-4 results in a “Sudden Death” game.

Spitfire Nerf Modifications:

Reduced Bullet Damage: 19 to 18
Magazine Purple/Gold Reduced: from 55 to 50

Bocek Bow Nerf Changes:

  • Max Body Shot Damage: 70 -> 60
  • Bocek Bow Stack Size: 16 -> 14
  • Ammo Slot Reduction: 48 -> 28
  • Weapon Charge Time Increased: 0.54 -> 0.56
  • Deadeye’s Tempo Charge Increase : 0.32 -> 0.38

Valkyrie, a New Legend:

VTOL Jets are passive. We use a jetpack to get to the top. When flying, firearms are prohibited.

Missile Swarm is the tactic. Mini-rockets can harm or confuse an adversary.

The best: a skyward dive.

Beacons identify the position of the next circle. Class: Recon.

Bocek Bow, a new weapon.

The new Bocek is a weapon for expert marksmen. Persistent damage is dealt while you keep firing at maximum power. The Bocek employs Arrows, a special kind of weapon.

Discreet characters.

The low profile has been eliminated from Wattson, Wraith, and Lifeline.


Combat Revive can revive two players at once but no longer deploys a shield.
The D.O.C. Heal Drone’s healing rate has boosted from 5 to 8 horsepower per second.
The cooldown for Care Package has been lowered from 6 to 5 minutes, and it now ensures upgrades in the following three categories: Body Shield, Other Equipment, and Weapon Attachment.


Stim: cooldown between stims reduced from 4s to 1s. Health cost increased from 12hp to 20hp.


Burglar’s Best Friend: Run and slide at top speed while aiming the bracelet.


No more assists from ‘Eye of the Allfather’.


The drone can scan, as well as open care packages.

Can’t use the drone to “hijack” another respawn beacon.

Apex Legends Season 10 Patch Notes.
The Apex Legends Season 10 Release Date is around August 3, 2021.

New Legend: Pariah. Pariah can see other players’ health, can scout with sonar grenades, and has immunity to being stunned.

More Season 10 Patch Notes when season 10 is released.

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Apex Legends Patch Notes Update Also Ask

The recent Apex update did what, exactly?

The ratings you receive when you spawn on Homebase have been tuned down from 75% to 50% to the following tier. Fixed issue where players were not positioned in squads at the end of the game but rather in random places.

Will Apex Legends 2 be released?

Thomas Ivan Electronic Arts have announced that Apex Legends Mobile Season 2, named Distortion, will debut on July 12th. New mobile-only Legend Rhapsody, a DJ with rhythm-themed special skills, and an AI-controlled assistant bot named Rowdy are the update’s main attractions.

What Time Is The Apex Legends Update? Apex Legends updates are always released at 10:00 PT (13:00 ET / 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CET) on Tuesdays unless they’re implementing a hot fix to an urgent problem.