Corpse Husband Face Reveal – Age, Real Name, Merch


The deceased husband’s face is revealed.

Corpse Husband: Everything you need to know about the Youtube gaming phenomenon “Corpse Husband.”

Who is the Corpse Husband?

What is the real name of the corpse’s husband?

What is the age and wealth of the corpse’s husband?

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Who is the Corpse Husband?

One of the most popular YouTube game producers, Corpse Husband, is known for his low voice and concealed face. Corpse Husband.

At first, Corpse Husband narrated actual crime stories and produced horror game content, but he is now best known for his participation in the game Among Us.

With four million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 75 million listens to his song, E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!, he has also found success as a musician.

Corpse Husband

Youtube’s Corpse Husband

Since starting his channel in 2015, Corpse Husband has amassed 242 million views and 7.3 million subscribers on YouTube.Corpse Husband.

Additionally, he has 2.3 million Twitter fans. He never appeared on camera, yet he managed to accomplish all of this.


The music channel for Corpse Husband may be found at

The Twitter account for Corpse Husband is at

Visit to access the Twitch channel for Corpse Husband.

The Spotify page for Corpse Husband is located at

You may find the Corpse Husband Merch store at

The deceased husband’s face is revealed.

Everyone is unsure of the face and genuine name of the Corpse Husband, which adds to his allure. Corpse Husband has openly discussed his anxiety issues in his writings, and it is obvious that he would rather remain anonymous in real life.

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The only time that Corpse Husband’s admirers have actually seen him is during an Anthony Padilla interview, where he is visible on camera but has his face obscured by his logo. Corpse Husband.

A teaser video featuring Corpse Husband levitating and appearing from behind without his recognizable mask was also shared on his TikTok account.

Is this even real? reads the screen text. The video cuts off before we get to see his face. It could be a coded message announcing the official “face unveiling of Corpse Husband.”Corpse Husband.

He has experimented with the face reveal notion on Twitter a few times. On August 20, he tweeted, “XXXX it, 100 replies and I’ll face disclosure.” and predicted that he will finally perform a face reveal in 2019, saying that leading a double life is difficult.

Corpse Husband’s Net Worth

The total income of the Corpse Husband is thought to be much over $1 million. Corpse Husband earns nearly $83,000 per month from his YouTube channel alone, thanks to sponsorships, AdSense revenue, and premium members. To that, add an estimated 600,000 in revenue from Apple Music and Spotify.

Corpse Husband

Dead Husband’s Age.

How old is the corpse’s husband?

The age of the corpse’s husband is 23.

The height of Corpse Husbandry

The height of the corpse’s husband is 5 feet 10 inches, or 178 cm.

The Dead Husband’s Real Name

What is the real name of the corpse’s husband?

The real name of the Corpse Husband is unknown. His popularity is partially due to the fact that very little is known about him in the public eye.

Is Corpse Husband Sick or Not?

The YouTuber has disclosed that he has thoracic outlet syndrome, GERD, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and sleep apnea, the latter of which, combined with heredity, causes his voice to be deeper than average.

Information about the dead husband

There is no mention of the author’s real name.

Country American, 23 years oldBirthplace: August 8, 1997, in San Diego, California, USA

Marital Status: Single; Assets: $1,000,000 or more

Unknown Sponsors: Gameplay Among Us, Launcher League

Corpse Husband merchandise.

Corpse merchandise can be purchased at

Enter your email address after the page has finished loading to receive a password.

Due to tremendous demand, Corpse Husband merchandise frequently sells out in December and other months.

You can put your email address on his website to receive notifications when new merchandise is available.

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Corpse Husband Face Reveal Also Ask

What has become of Corpse Husband?

Recently, Corpse has maintained a modest profile. He has hinted at upcoming projects, said that he will voice an anime character, and more. He hasn’t streamed, though, in almost a year. He disclosed to supporters what it would take for him to resume streaming in November 2021.

Is that the true voice of Corpse Husband?

the corpse’s husband’s picture
For starters, a lot of his supporters have questioned whether his voice is authentic or has been changed in some manner. The truth, however, is that he does not use any electronics or editing; his voice is all his own.

Due to the secrecy surrounding his life, no one knows where Corpse Husband lives. The streamer has addressed this before and told his fans he lives in the “mid-east”. He bought an apartment with his then-girlfriend, but after they broke up, he now lives there alone.