Cosmo Prof Credit Card Login: How To Make Your Payment

Cosmo Prof Credit Card Login: Get 3% off each time you shop at Cosmo Prof using credit card Cosmo Prof Rewards credit card. 

In addition, your Cosmo Prof Credit Card Login portal lets you control your account’s online activities, such as payment via the internet, statement statements without paper, downloading of account activity, online requests to increase your credit limit, or notification via email, messages, etc.

Through Cosmo Prof Credit Card Login you will be able to control the details of your Cosmo Prof Credit Card accounts at any time without cost. Cosmo Prof Credit Card Login.

The login portal online allows you to view your balance and transfer funds, look up recent transactions, see previous checks, and many more using your internet-connected PC. 

This guide will guide individuals with personal accounts to log in as well as manage their credit accounts online.


How To Register Your Cosmo Prof Credit Card Online

If you’re not registered with the Cosmo Prof Credit Card, you must sign up for online access prior to using it to make online transactions. 

As the account holder (the first person to apply to get credit card Cosmo Prof credit card) after you sign up, activate your card, and log into the account Center, you’ll have access 24/7 online to the following Tools for Account Management tools:

  • Complete the Cosmo Prof credit card payment on the internet
  • Set up your payment settings and account
  • Change your personal information stored on your computer
  • Select the Cosmo Prof paperless billing option. Cosmo Prof paperless billing
  • Include an authorized buyer
  • For a higher credit limit, ask for an increase. limit
  • Check balance
  • Check available credit limit
  • View transactions that are current and previous
  • Check out past and current statements
  • View payments scheduled for the future and previous payments.
  • Ask them a question using Secure Message Center

Follow these steps to register your credit card online.

Cosmo Prof Credit Card Login

Step 1: To register your credit card kindly go to the Cosmo Prof Credit Card registration page; and follow the instructions below.

  • Enter the Card Account Number. Card Account Number
  • Enter your ZIP Code or Postal Code.
  • Select your identification type. e.g. (SSN), Social Insurance Number (SIN) or Alternate Identification Number (AIN). For your protection, Comenity bank uses this information to confirm your identity. Enter the type of ID you utilized when applying to open your account.
  • Select “Find my account”.

If you are unable to locate the ID or number, or you’ve lost it? Call Customer Care at 1-800-701-4169, TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918. If you’re not sure, If you need assistance with registration: Here are some ideas to assist:

  • Examine the back of your card to confirm that you’re in the right Account Center for the Cosmo Prof(TM) rewards credit card. You are currently visiting If the reverse of your card has an alternative Account Center web address, you should sign up at that address instead.
  • Check to see if you’ve recently asked for a change to your account. If you did, wait for 48 hours before trying again.
  • Enter the correct account number. If you don’t have your account number, it will see it on your bill statement or on the credit card.
  • Enter your Social Security number, Social Insurance Number, or alternative ID that you used when you applied to get your credit card.
  • Enter the correct ZIP/postal code which corresponds to the address on your previous bill.

Still, need help registering? Call Customer Support toll-free: 1-800-701-4169 or TDD/TTY at 1 888-819-1918.

Cosmo Prof Credit Card Login Steps

To control the management of your Cosmo Prof Credit Card you will need to access your account on the internet. 

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The process of login is easy. You need to have the username as well as password in order to log in to the Cosmo Prof Credit online account. If you don’t have your login credentials, must sign up first. 

In case you’ve already got login credentials, you can follow these steps to log in to the account of your Cosmo Prof credit card online account.

Cosmo Prof Credit Card Login

Step 1: Go to the Cosmo Prof Credit Card Login page:

Step 2. Once you have reached the Cosmo Prof credit card login page, type in your user name and password into the empty spaces below and press “Sign In”. If your information is accurate, you will be directed to your account’s dashboard.

If you’re looking for an online platform to remember your login credentials, simply click the “Remember Me” button. 

If you log in using an unidentified or new device, they confirm it’s yours with a secure number to your mobile or email address that is on the file. “Remember My Device” lets you bypass this step.

It is important to note: Since “Remember Me” keeps user names on a machine that you’re using, don’t make use of this feature on computers that are not public (such ones at a library or in an internet cafe).

Once you’re logged in, are able to view your account’s overview as well as pay payments with your Cosmo Prof card payment and also update your profile details. 

You can also set up statement statements on paper and create autopay so that your monthly statement is due each month through the savings or checking account.

If you have had numerous unsuccessful attempts to log into your account, we’ll temporarily block your online account access to protect your privacy. 

We will send to you an email with the instructions at the address that is in the account’s database.

If you’ve been locked out due to the fact that you forgot your password or username Visit Forgot username or password and reset your details so that you can log in.

How To Make Your Cosmo Prof Credit Card Payment

You can pay the Cosmo Prof Credit Card payment on the internet, over the phone or by mail. 

If you want to pay for your Cosmo Prof Credit Card bill online, sign in to your account online and click “Payments.”

Then, select how much you want to pay and when to make the payment, and from where the money is coming from. Cosmo Prof also allows cardholders to create automated payment plans.

Options to make Your Cosmo Prof Pay with Credit Card

1 online: Log in to your online account and then go to your “Payments” section. You can also schedule automatic payments for the minimum amount due amount, your balance, or any amount that you choose. 

Automated payments allow you to authorize an ongoing debit out of the checking account you use to fund your Cosmo Prof Credit Card Account when the payment due date approaches.

2 Automatic payment: Enrollment in automatic payments lets you pay the same amount every month, provided that the amount is lower than your Minimum Due or is greater than the My Balance amount. 

If the Other Amount you pay is less than the Monthly Minimum Due your automatic payment is increased to cover the minimum due for that month.

If the Other Amount of your statement is higher than the New Balance the automatic payment is adjusted to cover the New Balance amount for that month.

Automated payments permit an ongoing deduction out of the checking account to fund the balance of your Cosmo Prof Rewards credit card account on the payment due date. 

You can schedule an automatic payment for your Minimum Due My Balance, Minimum Due, or any other amount that you choose.

If you make a payment then, you will receive an email with a reminder 10 days prior to the date the payment is taken out of your account. 

When you reach your due date the payment will be credited in accordance with your payment method. There are no stamps or problems with late payments. Go to Automatic Payments.

3. Comenity’s easy pay: Comenity’s EasyPay is an option to pay your bill without having the use of a username or password or having an account with Account Center. 

It requires only a handful of your identifying details and then gives you just enough information to complete payments without revealing any other information on your account. This is how it works:

Cosmo Prof Credit Card Login

  1. Visit this page to access the Cosmo Prof credit card Login page.
  2. Simply click ” EasyPay” at the top of the page.
  3. You can scan the QR code on your statement of account and enter the account’s number as well as your ZIP code. You will also need the final four digits of the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  4. Select “Find my account.”
  5. Follow the prompts on the screen to make your payment.

3: Phone: Call (888) 566-4353 or the phone number on the bottom of your card. Enter your card details and follow the instructions to make the payment. 

It is important to note that there could be a cost to process the payment over the phone. You can choose to cancel your payment in the event that you don’t want to pay the cost.

3. Payment via Post: You can make your Cosmo Prof credit card payment by post in the event that you would prefer to make payment with a check or money purchase. Here’s how:

  1. Make a check or buy money orders for a minimum amount.
  2. Remove the coupon for payment from your statement of billing.
  3. Pay the balance and coupon to:

Comenity Capital Bank
P.O. Cox 659820
San Antonio, Texas 78265

How To Contact Cosmo Prof Credit Card Customer Support

If you require additional assistance, call Cosmo Prof Credit Card Customer Care.

Customer Care


Customer Care Hours
Mon – Sat: 8:00am – 9:00pmSun: Closed
Closed: New Year, Memorial, Christmas, Independence, Labor, Thanksgiving
Hours of Live Customer Service can differ on weekends.

Customer Care Address
Comenity Capital Bank
PO Box 183003
Columbus, OH 43218-3003

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The Cosmo Prof Rewards Credit Card is a credit card that can only be used at both Cosmo Prof and Sally Beauty.
You may use your Account to make purchases anywhere the Card is accepted.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover (US only), and American Express. At this time we do not accept PIN based debit card or PayPal payments.
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