Crutchfield Price Match Policy: North American Electronics Retailer’s Policies

Crutchfield Price Match is a North American electronics retailer with more than 50 years of experience. The business focuses on audio and video gear that may be used in a car, at home, or on the go.

The price-matching and adjusting procedures at Crutchfield Price Match are described in this article. So let’s get right to it without wasting any more of your time.

Crutchfield Price Match


Will Crutchfield match online prices in-store?

No There is no in-store price matching available at Crutchfield. Despite having numerous physical locations, they do not match prices there.

Can Crutchfield match online prices?

Yes. You can ask them to match the price if you discover an identical product at a competitor’s website for less money by calling or chatting with them. However, you should provide them with evidence of the reduced price.

There is a price adjustment policy at Crutchfield.

Yes. They have a policy of 60 days for pricing adjustments. You can ask for a price adjustment if you buy something from Crutchfield and discover later that the item is cheaper at another retailer or a rival.

Price Match Conditions:

Knowing their criteria is crucial after understanding that they give a price match.

By “their criteria,” they imply that a number of products or offers need to satisfy them in order to be qualified for the price match at the Crutchfield location. These conditions must be met:

  • The first requirement is that the products be the same at both the competitor’s store and Crutchfield.
  • Both the competition and the Crutchfield shop should have the item you want to request a price match for in stock.
  • For the price match to work, the delivery times for both the competitor and Crutchfield must be the same.
  • The price will be matched for deliveries. For example, for the price match to work, the price of the item must include the cost to ship it.

Price-Matching Method:

The Crutchfield price match procedure is easier to handle. But understanding how to ask for the price match is crucial. Here is how Crutchfield operates:

  • When you find a similar product at a competitor for less money, you should call Crutchfield or talk to a representative and show proof of the lower price.
  • They can be reached at 1-844-680-6045.
  • Their Live Chat link is shown below.

However, what if you are unaware of their customer service hours? You might not be able to get in touch with them.

Therefore, be sure to communicate with them or call them at the appropriate hour.

These are the hours that their customer service representatives are available by phone or live chat:


9 a.m. to 8 p.m.


From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.


A number of products or promotions cannot be price matched at the Crutchfield shop due to exclusions in price matching.

You can find out if your item can be price-matched in the Crutchfield store by reading about these exclusions.

You wouldn’t have to waste time attempting to get a price match for a product with this method. The price match’s exclusions are as follows:

  • There is no price comparison between the financing offers and the packaged offerings.
  • The price match does not apply to things like auto security and remote starters.
  • Price matching does not apply to pre-ordered, open-box, or refurbished items.
  • There is no price matching for any items on sale during holidays like Thanksgiving through the Monday following Thanksgiving.

Price Modification Procedure:

There is a price adjustment policy at Crutchfield. Although it is straightforward to grasp, you must learn how to ask for this at the Crutchfield. Here is how it works:

  • If you buy something from Crutchfield and, within 60 days, the price drops at Crutchfield or one of its competitors, you can go online and ask for a price adjustment.
  • They will alter the item’s price and refund you the price difference once they have verified the item’s details, such as whether it is eligible.

I got in touch with their customer support to learn more about this.

Here is their response:

Actually, you should contact our customer service department or start a chat with a representative. We’ll look after you.

Just bear in mind that we can only match an item’s price if it is returned to us within 60 days of the original purchase.

That is what they claim, then. Online price adjustment requests are that easy to submit.

Online price adjustments are made, not in-store ones.

Price match competitors for Crutchfield

The Crutchfield store has price-matching rivals, like many other retailers. By being aware of these rivals, you can determine which competitors are subject to the price match. This is the list:


Some queries and responses

As a result, you learned about the Crutchfield store’s price matching and adjustment rules in this article.

But you can still have a lot of queries concerning these policies, just like many other people. The following are some queries and responses:

Crutchfield was established when?

In 1974, Crutchfield was established.

Who is Crutchfield’s owner?

Crutchfield is owned by Bill Crutchfield.

What products does Crutchfield sell?

Electronics for the home, workplace, or on the go are available at the Crutchfield store, including mobile audio and video equipment and speakers, televisions, and other items. To keep cars secure, they also provide remote start technology and automotive security equipment.

Does Crutchfield have a procedure for price adjustments?

Yes, they give their customers the opportunity to get a refund if they present them with evidence of purchase and find the same item at another store for less money. You must go to and put in your request online within 60 days of the date you bought the item.

An overview of this article:

I sincerely hope that this post was helpful to you while you were looking for the ideal sound system. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, and we will respond to you as soon as we can! We appreciate you taking the time to read our blog post on Crutchfield’s price-matching and adjustment procedures.

Crutchfield Price Match Policy People also ask

What are the rules for price matching?

Some retailers have a policy known as price matching, also known as a price guarantee, which states that if you discover the identical item for less money, they’ll match or beat the price. Depending on the store, price matching can be asked for in person or online, usually before making a purchase.

Can I get a refund if the price drops?

As long as your purchase was made within a certain period of time, which is frequently 14 days, the shop will frequently reimburse the difference between what you paid and the sale price. You can be given a store credit if they are unable or unwilling to refund you using your original payment method.

How do you ask for a price match?

Ask to speak to a manager, show him the cheaper pricing from the competitor, and explain that while you understand that the store was unable to match it, you would like to purchase the item from them rather than the rival.