First Premier Credit Card Activation | How to Activate First Premier Card


How to Activate First Premier Card

This article will provide the most complete guide and complete tutorial to First Premier Credit Card Activation. It is essential to activate your First Premier Credit Card when you receive it.

This guide will provide you with three options to complete the First Premier card activation. The procedure is presented in the form of a step-by-step guide that makes it easy to understand which answers your query ” How to Activate First Premier Card” and helps you complete the process.

First Premier Credit Card

Read the article thoroughly and then accomplish your task to complete your First Premier Credit Card Activation by using the steps listed below. To enjoy the benefits of This First Premier Credit Card, make sure you confirm your card with this article with success.

First Premier Credit Card Activation Online

Take a look at the following steps to activate your First Premier Credit Card on the internet. Follow the steps to complete the procedure.

  • Enter the official website by clicking here
  • Enter the Username as well as the Password in the field that is provided.
  • Once you have entered the data, then press then the “Sign In” button.
  • Then, choose your Card Activation option from your Profile Menu.
  • Now, enter your Card Number and your personal details with care.
  • Once you have completed the process successfully, your credit account will then be activated.

Activate First Premier Credit Card Over Phone Call

In order to make this call, it is necessary to utilize a valid Mobile Number to make a phone call. Follow the steps below to activate the First Premier Card.

  • With your registered mobile number, use your registered mobile number to dial 1-800-987-521.
  • Then, pay attention and choose the language you prefer.
  • Then then, enter your card number and your personal details carefully.
  • Follow the directions provided and follow the steps to complete the procedure.
  • In the end, the card will be successfully activated.

Activate First Premier Credit Card at ATM

In order to do this, it is necessary to find the nearest First Premier Bank ATM Machine. Then, follow the mentioned steps to enable your card.

  • First, stop by the near First Premier Bank ATM Machine.
  • Now, swipe your card through the machine.
  • Then, choose your Card Activation option.
  • Then, you have to complete the Card Details to be careful.
  • If you complete the procedure successfully, you will receive your credit card.


This article offers a comprehensive and correct guideline for the First Premier credit card activation. I’ve listed three methods to activate your First Premier Credit Card easily. Simply follow the instructions and follow the instructions to successfully activate the First Premier Card successfully.

If you encounter any issue with the process or would like to share your thoughts, utilize the below-mentioned comment box to leave a message. Visit for more information. to get more frequent and important news and updates.

Final Words

Q.1 How do I activate my First Premier credit card?

The First Premier credit card will be activated after you pay the program fee or pay for the security deposits according to the card you were approved for. Follow the steps on the page for your application to pay the security deposit/program fee.

Q.2 How do I know if my First Premier credit card is active?

You can verify your First Premier credit card application status by calling (800) 987-5521.

Q.3 Can I use my First Premier credit card before it arrives?

It is not possible to make use of the first PREMIER(r) Bank Classic Credit Card immediately following acceptance. It is necessary to wait for the card to be delivered in the mail before you can make use of it. It can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days from the time you are accepted for a new account.

Q.4 How can I pay my First Premier processing fee?

The payment options are a bank draft personal check or debit card, money order, or a different credit or debit card. First Premier will not open an account until it has received payment for the transaction fee. If you are sent a solicitation, you may respond on First Premier’s website. First Premier website.

Q.5 Does Premier credit card let you overdraft?

Premier Bank will authorize and determine an overdraft charge on transactions that are made using ATM or debit card transactions which will draw your account to a certain limit for consumers who are eligible. … The account you have will be charged with the current amount for each item, whether it is paid or not returned.

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