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The Indigo Mastercard allows customers who have been approved and received their brand new Indigo Platinum MasterCard the option to sign up their card and sign up to access their account online. After you have activated the Indigo Mastercard, you can begin using your credit card to purchase cash advances and purchases wherever you’ll see that Mastercard logo. Additionally, registering and signing into the Indigo Platinum Mastercard Online Account allows you to use your credit card to manage your credit card quickly and conveniently pay your charges.

indigo platinum mastercard login

How to Activate Indigo Platinum MasterCard & Register for Online Account

The process of activating the Indigo Platinum Mastercard credit card online is easy swift, quick, and simple. However, the online registration process will require you to sign up to get your Indigo Platinum Mastercard Online Account Access. Once you have created your account online you can choose to go through the activation procedure. Both registration and activation are one-time processes you must complete just once for the first time.

If you’re the holder of a brand-new Indigo MasterCard Credit Card and would like to activate it online You can follow the steps listed below. Before starting, ensure that you have the mailer that includes the card and the welcome pack ready. If you’re an existing Indigo Mastercard user and going for only account registration online make sure you have your credit card or statement prepared for access.

Indigo Platinum MasterCard

  • Go to for the Indigo Mastercard Account Management portal at www.myindigocard.com
  • Simply click on the “Register” button in the upper right corner or under the login section below “Not Yet Registered?’ on the right side of the home page.
  • You may also click your “Activate the Card (Requires login)” link at the lower right of the login box to open the login portal to sign in. Click the “Register” link on the left side of the page in case you don’t already have an account.
  • Complete your initial form of registration using your Indigo MasterCard Account Number as it appears on your statement or on your card.
  • Input the date of birth as well as the Social Security number of your account holder who is the primary account in the last two fields.
  • Click”Next.” Click on the “Next” option to locate your Indigo Mastercard Account.

Follow the prompts on the screen and create the necessary login i.e. username, password, security questions-answers to establish your Indigo MasterCard Online Account.

Indigo Platinum Mastercard Online Account Management Features

Today, you can gain access to the ease management of the details of your Indigo Platinum MasterCard account over the internet with simple-to-use online tools. Indigo Mastercard Account Management portal is managed through Genesis FS Card Services Inc. With access 24/7 The service offers the following advantages and features that you can access to better manage your finances.

  • You must activate the new card.
  • Check the balance of your current account
  • Pay your bills electronically
  • Auto-pay is a way to set up.
  • Join to receive monthly paperless billing statements
  • View transaction history
  • Keep track of activities on your card
  • You can request your account contract for free
  • Find out about the credit available
  • Update or change your account details and more

Benefits Of Indigo Card

The traditional way to use credit cards that are not secured is almost available to those who have no or little credit. The cardholders and customers of these consumers typically opt for a secured credit card. This is a requirement for the security deposit of a credit card that also acts as a maximum credit score.

There is no minimum deposit requirement with the Indigo Platinum Mastercard through the login page. In addition, cardholders need access to a rotating line of credit, which is used to pay annual fees. are taken out. However the history of your credit does not allow you to be eligible for a credit card that does not charge annual fees or a comparable one.

On Indigo, on the Indigo platform, just like an insured card it is reported to the major credit agencies. If the activities are positive it is possible to access the official login site to establish a an account with a credit history. This will enable you to apply for additional credit products like loans and credit cards.

How to Log In Indigo Platinum MasterCard Online Account

To get the most benefit from all the benefits mentioned above in addition to having a quick safe, convenient, and secure control of your account, you’ll have to sign into the Indigo MasterCard Online Account. After you’ve signed in, you can log in any time from your computer, tablet, or mobile devices that are connected via the Internet. In order to log in, you must

  • Go to the Indigo MasterCard Account Management Home Page www.myindigocard.com
  • Click on your “Log-In on the Secure Server’ area on the right-hand side of the page. right-hand side.
  • Or, you can access the single login page at indigo.myfinanceservice.com/Account/Login
  • Input your Username and Password that you have created during the registration process for your Indigo Platinum MasterCard Online Account registration in the appropriate fields.
  • Select the locked secure “Log-In” button.

Eligibility For IndigoCard Login

One distinct feature that is unique to this Indigo Card is the possibility that the cardholders can apply for pre-qualification without requiring credit ratings. Difficult credit card applications form part of your credit score to be considered for Indigo Card Login and could cause a temporary negative effect on the rating. Although, be aware that prequalifying doesn’t mean your card has been accepted for use on the IndigoCard Portal for log in.

When you fill out the official prequalification application You will be given three card choices: a card that has no annual cost, or and a card that has an annual cost of $50. It depends on your financial circumstances and the more favorable your financial situation is, the more likely you’re to be eligible to get the card that does not have an annual cost on IndigoCard.com.

How to Recover Indigo Platinum MasterCard Online Account Access

If you’ve forgotten the Indigo Platinum MasterCard Online Account login details, you can reset your password and locate the username. Self-help recovery options are available on Indigo’s Account Management Security Server Login page.

To initiate the procedure, visit www.myindigocard.com. Then click on the “Forgot you Username or Password?” link located under the button ‘Log-In. Navigate to the appropriate area of the page according to your requirements and provide the required information.

  • Username (for the reset of passwords) as well as Email Address (for the retrieval of usernames)
  • The last 4 numbers are from the Indigo MasterCard Account Number. Indigo MasterCard Account Number
  • Full Social Security Number
  • And Date of Birth

A message containing your username as well as the latest password details can be delivered to the email address that is associated with the details of your Indigo MasterCard Online Account.

Charges For The Indigo Card

Based on your credit score the cardholder may not be permitted to charge an annual fee on Indigo cards. Indigo cards. If a cardholder is not creditworthy and is unable to pay an annual charge of $ 59 or $ 99 on the card. For new cardholders, the annual fee decreases from $ 99 for the first year and then drops to $ 75 for cardholders who are active and using the card.

More About The IndigoCard

This exclusive article provides information about how to use the Indigo Card Login and several official attachments to it. If you’re looking to get an improved financial position when getting loans, having certain credit cards repair or create credit could make some sense.

Indigo Credit Card Customer Service

Indigo Platinum MasterCard Customer Service Phone Number: 866-946-9545

To report Lost or Stolen Card, Phone Number call at 1-888-260-4532

FAX Number: 503-268-9545

Mailing Address:

Genesis FS Card Services
PO Box 4477
Beaverton, OR 97076-4477

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