Pay My Assurant Insurance Bill ❤


Pay My Assurant Insurance Bill

Do you want to make an Assurant Insurance Bill Payment? Are just beginning to learn about Assurant Insurance and would like to know more about the company and its services? Learn how to pay your bill, view your history of billing, and contact information general to Assurant Insurance.

Pay My Assurant Insurance Bill ❤

Please click here make Your Payment Today

To pay the Assurant Insurance bill payment online click the “Online Payment” button above to sign in, register to view your bill, log in and control your accounts online.

Enter the information needed for your card’s details, which includes your three-digit card verification value (CVV).

It is located on the reverse of your debit or credit card. If you are using an American Express-branded credit card, the CVV will be four digits and appear at the top of your card. Verify the payment information and then click the Confirm button in order to complete your payment. 

The confirmation that your payment was accepted will be displayed in your account. 

The transaction is reported by your bank as soon as you have submitted your payment. Your payment will be visible on this website in less than 48 hours.

If you need to register for a new Assurant Insurance account to start making payments, go to enter the policy number, zip code, and policy’s effective date. 

Then click “Continue” and then follow the instructions to create your account.

Assurant Insurance allows its customers to pay online through the Internet membership platform. 

The platform is able to create regularly scheduled transactions from your accounts or your credit card (Direct debits) in addition to PayPal online checks personal check money orders, electronic money transfers from your bank account as well as to make one-time payments using credit cards on any device, including your laptop, computer at home, or mobile phone. You can also track and manage your monthly bills online and schedule regular alerts to know your balance. 

Yes, it’s possible to modify your policy as well! Log into your policy anytime to change addresses, pay your bills, and more.

Go Paperless!

Go to and read about how you can save the environment by going green! Then go to sign up for paperless payments on your Assurant bills. The transaction is sent by your bank as soon as you submit the payment. Your payment will appear on the site after 48 hours.

Pay by Phone: (1-866-602-4424)

Assurant Insurance operates an automated phone system that allows you to pay. Be sure to have your billing account’s the number of your home phone or the number that you have associated with the Assurant Insurance account. 

If you’re paying with a debit or credit card, you must provide the card’s number and expiration date. If you wish to pay by an account with a savings or checking account it is necessary to provide the account number along with the routing number of your bank. 

If you want to pay by telephone, dial to talk to someone at 1-866-602-4424 for our automated policyholder information line or speak to a live agent on a Monday-Friday basis between 8:45 a.m. until 5 p.m., ET. 

Payments are made at the financial institution you have chosen as soon as you have submitted the payment. Your payment will be posted on our website after 48 hours.

Pay by Quick Pay:

Are you looking to pay without being logged in? Go to and enter your policy number and zip code. 

It is only possible to pay with a credit card using this feature. The transaction is sent by your bank right away after the submission of the payment. The transaction will be visible on this website within 24 hours.

Pay by AutoPay:

If you’d prefer to have your payment automatically taken out of your savings or checking account on the day they are due, submit a request to authorize a bank draft for the back of your Assurant account. 

Login to and complete the information. 

Your credit/debit card information will securely keep your credit card details on our system to be used for future transactions. 

The transaction is presented at the financial institution you have chosen right away after you have submitted your payment.

Your payment will appear on this website in less than 48 hours.

Assurant Insurance Billing Address

Are you looking to mail in a claim or pay? Go to: and locate the office near you and your address. Add the policy number and your name to your cheque.

Find an Assurant Insurance Agent near you!

Go to search by location, name, or keyword, and you will find an agent’s phone number in your area.

Assurant Insurance Customer Service

For Assurant customer service, go to and then choose which produce or area of support you need to be addressed. 

When you click the policy, you’ll navigate to the site specifically for that policy and ask for assistance.

You can also receive information at the “Help Center” by going to and selecting the product in question.

Go to and click the Feedback button to leave your opinion.

For your insurance billing questions – 800.852.2244

Renters Insurance Information – 800.432.8612

American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida – 800.358.0600

American Memorial Life Insurance Company – 800.533.2220

American Security Insurance Company – 800.326.2845

Standard Guaranty Insurance Company – 800.652.1262

View bills from the past

Assurant Online accounts for insurance let users look back at their information once they have your account. Go to and get started by logging in with your email address and password. 

You are able to view all of the billing activities of your account, pay your bills or manage your benefits review your claims, verify the eligibility of your benefits, and much more.

Do you want to know more? Assurant Insurance?

Assurant Insurance traces its roots to 1892, in the year 1892 when LaCrosse Mutual Aid Association began providing disability insurance. 

Lacrosse was later changed in the form of Time Insurance Company. 

Today, Assurant, Inc. is a Fortune 500 company, headquartered in New York City and operates in 21 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. 

It is a leading global provider of risk management services, guaranteeing where people live and the items they purchase. 

Assurant claims to determine what’s hindering the companies and the consumers that they represent, as well as then find ways to move them forward. 

They seek out simple and straightforward solutions to ensure the smooth running of customers and their clients. 

Assurant Insurance boasts they have the reputation of bringing innovative concepts to the market and then turning them into competitive advantages. 

Visit this link to reviews from customers of Assurant and awards.

Assurant’s CEO Alan Goldbert said: “Assurant has a tradition of collaboration and a can-do spirit that puts our values into practice every day.” In line with these ideals, Assurant focuses on the market for lifestyle and housing, it is one of the top market players in protecting mobile devices and related services, including extended service contracts as well as vehicle protection.

They also offer pre-funded funeral insurance, homeowner’s insurance for renters; lender-placed policy; field and mortgage valuation.

With around $32 billion of assets at the end of December 31, 2017, and $6 billion in revenue for 2017, Assurant operates in 16 countries.

The Assurant Foundation is dedicated to helping and improving the quality of life for communities. 

Assurant strives to be a diverse company and strives to encourage diversity within its management and staff through fostering an inclusive and welcoming culture. 

As a global corporation with a diverse customer base, which serves over 300 million clients around the globe It is their primary obligation to adhere to their core values and protect what is most important to their clients.

After over 125 years in Assurant Insurance supporting their communities by giving back and volunteering to boost employees’ engagement and reinforces our responsibility to be an ethical corporate citizen.

their philosophy can be summarized in two words”Assurant Cares. With this as the guiding principle, Assurant claims to act in a way that is honest. 

They say they treat other people with respect and are polite sincere, transparent, honest, and dedicated to doing what is right. 

Their model is built around four elements including Community Impact Integrity; Responsible Employment; and ethics Customer commitment.

Assurant helps its communities by charity giving, employee volunteerism as well as social investment investments. 

Assurant’s volunteer teams work all year long for the construction of homes to help homeless people, assist children to develop their reading skills, and help students learn the fundamentals of budgeting for a household. 

Assurant each year, employees are provided with 8 hours of time off to volunteer, and an annual salary of $1,000 per employee with matching donations. Check out their work in their hometown of New York:

Going Green is a Real Thing to Assurant!

Assurant Insurance recognizes that climate changes pose real and significant dangers in the areas they support, the community they are serving, businesses as well as their industry, and the entire planet. Assurant declares that in addition to decreasing their carbon footprint, they also have a responsibility for our clients to study and advocate for responsible climate policies.

Visit Assurant on Facebook.

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