Peebles Credit Card Payment Information and Login

Peebles Credit Card Payment and Login

You’re making payments with your Peebles debit card payments, or looking to log in to view your statement, or control your accounts online? 

This guide is here to assist you with your payment options provided just below. 

Are you a curious customer considering your credit card options? Read through the Peebles credit card manual to understand more about the card. 

To make a payment online or to manage your account, go to the hyperlink below on this page for Peebles access to your account via credit card. 

Additionally, you will find important information about billing, including numbers for customer services on credit cards, billing delivery addresses as well as billing telephone numbers.

Peebles Credit Card Payment and Login

Peebles Credit Card Payment

The debit card comes from Comenity Bank. If you are looking for an easy method to manage your account and make payments, Comenity offers an online service that is totally free to use and provides you with a number of different options to pay. Payments can be made via phone or mail.

Pay online: The online service supports single payments and scheduled payments. 

The option to schedule payments can be useful if you are looking to plan out payments over the next months. Any payments made prior to 6 PM ET will be credited to the Peebles account on the same day. 

Log in to the service online or look up your bill statements for the details. To pay your Peebles credit card payment online Click”pay online” or click the “Pay Online” button below to log in, register for your account, check your statement, and manage your accounts online.

Pay via phone: The Peebles credit card payment telephone number is 1-800-723 4548.

Pay by Post: The Peebles credit card payment mailing address will be: Peebles Credit Card Payment, PO Box 659465, San Antonio, TX, 78265-9465. 

Please include the Peebles Account number when you write your cheque. Your account number will be on your statement. 

To ensure your Peebles payment is made on time, it is advised to send your payment at least 5 business days before the due date shown on your monthly billing statement.

Pay in Store: No. At this time you cannot use your Peebles credit card in-store.

Peebles Credit Card Customer Service: The Peebles credit card customer service number is 1-800-723-448.

Peebles Credit Card

Regular customers at Peebles will benefit from the new Peebles credit card (Comenity) by receiving rewards every time they spend. 

It’s a simple rewards program that gives gift certificates when you spend a certain amount, in addition to additional perks to help you save money.

There are two levels to this Peebles Credit Card: the Preferred tier and the platinum tier. 

The Preferred tier offers 10 gift certificates for every $250 spent as well as a reward of $10 each time your birthday rolls around, a Christmas reward, two days of personal sales each year in advance of sales, and six special coupons each year.

If you have a spending limit of $750 using your Peebles Credit Card you’ll be admitted to the Platinum category. 

On top of all the rewards provided in the Preferred category (the Birthday reward for birthdays is $20) Additionally, you will receive additional money-saving coupons each year, as well as free gift wrap, and no shipping charges for online purchases and special purchases.

The primary reward for purchases requires you to spend a significant amount of money at this retailer for you to enjoy any real savings advantages. 

If you do not intend to spend this much but still want to take advantage of other deals that are available if you make your purchases well.

Given the Annual Percentage Rate of 24.99 percent along with these benefits, Peebles Credit Card is a great choice.

Peebles Credit Card is most ideally suited for frequent Peebles consumers who have fair credit ratings and want to improve them. 

This rate of interest is not at all low, however, it is competitive with other private label credit cards. 

If you held a balance of $500 and made an annual payment of $20 with an interest rate of 24.99% you would accrue around $70 in interest in the first year.

You can apply for the Peebles Credit Card online. The application process is swift and you get a fast decision.

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