Richer Sounds Price Match and Returns Policy

richer sounds price match: A company called Richer Sounds sells goods, including televisions. It sells both online and in its 51 locations. The company was founded by Julian Richer, who held 100% of it before selling 60% of it to a worker in 2019.


Does Richer Sounds Offers Price Match In-Store

Yes. In-store price matching is available. You can ask for a price match if you discover the same product at a cheaper cost from a rival retailer. They will verify and match the price for you. richer sounds price match.

Does Richer Sounds Offers Price Match Online

Yes. Online, they provide price matching. To ask for a price match, contact their customer service.

Does Richer Sounds Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. They provide a policy of price modifications. They refer to their price adjustment and price match as “Price Beat.”

You have 14 days from the date of purchase to request a price adjustment if you buy something from them and later discover it for less somewhere else. They will not only lower the price but also match it.

richer sounds price match

Price Match Requirements:

These standards apply:

  • The products must have the exact same model and color. These ought to be brand new and packaged. The rival retailer ought to have these in stock.
  • If they can’t mail order the product, the competition must have a store within 50 miles of the Richer Sounds business.
  • If Richer Sounds believe the item isn’t authentic or in stock, they have the right to refuse any price match requests. It can take them up to 24 hours to confirm the price beat request if they believe these are the problems.

Price-Matching Method:

At Richer Sounds, the price match procedure is straightforward:

  • You should ask Richer Sounds to match its competitors’ prices if you learn that the item you want to buy is offered there for less money than it is elsewhere.
  • They will match your price when they have determined whether the item qualifies.


The retailers who only accept BACS payments are not included in The Richer Sounds.

Price Modification Procedure:

The method for adjusting prices is as follows:

  • Within 14 days after making a purchase at Richer Sounds, a competitor may offer the item for less money. You should visit their store with evidence of the reduced price.
  • They will drop the price and repay you the difference once they have verified the lower price.
  • They won’t just lower the price; they’ll also undercut it.

Returning defective goods

You can return your new purchase to the store if it has a problem. To understand what is happening, you must take it along with everything else that was in the box. Either they’ll fix it or they’ll refund your money. richer sounds price match.

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They will assist you in fixing anything that is more than 30 days old. For further details on how to achieve this, kindly visit their website.

items bought over the phone or online.

Please let them know if you buy something from their website or over the phone and it breaks so they can assist you in fixing the issue. richer sounds price match.

Telesales 0333 900 0093

web-based sales 0333 900 0065

1. Your legal rights

Inform the company within 30 days if you purchase something that is defective or does not function. You will either receive a refund, an exchange, or a replacement from the business.

Within 30 days, if there is a problem with the products, they will either replace them or fix them free of charge.

They will refund your money if they are unable to repair it or replace it. Within a year of purchasing the product, you must inform them of the issue.

ii. Their promise

Their store offers a 12-month guarantee on all of its products. Ex-display stock and ex-repair products fall under this category, but wearable parts do not. If you abuse the gadget, you can’t expect them to safeguard it.

They provide a common promise. Additionally, you can opt for their 6-Year Guarantee. This has no bearing on your legal rights as a buyer.

iii. How do they handle returns for damaged items

You need a receipt or other kind of proof of purchase in order to return an item that is defective. You must give them your order number or any other details that will enable them to track your order if you don’t have a receipt or other proof of purchase.

If your product is protected by their 6-year warranty, you may be eligible for benefits like free replacement unit pickup and delivery. Your legal rights are not altered by this.

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Shop-in-shop purchases

If you return products in “new” condition within 28 days, they will give you your money back or exchange them.

They would appreciate it if you could send back all of the items in their original packaging and with all of their accessories. Unfortunately, if the products are not in the same condition as when they were sent to you, they may impose a processing fee.

If you return an item, they cannot resell it as new. Therefore, they will remove a 10% processing fee from your refund if you return them within 28 days of your purchase and they are in brand-new condition with all packing and accessories (except earphones). You will continue to have the same legal rights as before.

items purchased online or over the phone.

If you still have the original packaging and everything that came with your online order, you may return it. richer sounds price match.

Please inform Richer Sounds within 14 days of receiving your purchase if you wish to return it. After that, you actually have an additional 14 days to send the item back. However, it must occur within a total of 28 days.

List of Price-Matching Competitors for Richer Sounds:

They don’t have a list of rival companies. The rival retailers ought to be located in the UK.

Some queries and responses:

In order to learn more about this richer sounds price match policy, please review the following questions and answers:

The Richer Sounds were established when?

In 1978, The Richer Sounds were established in London, Bridge, United Kingdom.

Who is Richer Sounds’ owner?

The Richer Sounds are owned by Julian Richer.

An overview of this article:

All products sold by Richer Sounds come with a 12-month warranty, during which time the company will repair or replace any defective goods at no cost to the customer.

If the product is covered by their 6-year guarantee, you will be eligible for benefits like free collection and delivery of replacement units.

If you don’t like something you bought from Richer Sounds, you have 28 days to return it in “new” condition for a refund or an exchange. official website.

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Richer Sounds Price Match and Returns Policy Also Ask

(on the vast majority of items, included with purchase, or 10% of the purchase price). Our TV and projector warranties are valid for 6 years. Our 6-year AV, speaker, and hi-fi warranties (charged, but fully refundable if unused). We provide a 6-year speaker guarantee (included in the purchase price).

Can a TV with richer sounds be returned?

If you return your item(s) to us in “sealed” (unopened/unused) condition within 28 days of purchase for any reason, we will gladly refund or swap your purchase price in full.

Do Currys price match richer sounds?

Even though we’re sure that our prices are among the best, if you do find a legitimately lower price, our Price Beat guarantee means that we’ll beat that price, not just match it. This gives you peace of mind that you’re getting a good product from us.

Does the burn-in warranty for fuller sounds apply?

Addendum Now that I’ve made it clear, no firm offers an extended burn-in warranty beyond LG’s standard 12-month warranty. In the UK (unlike the US where they are available), D&G, LG, John Lewis, or Richer Sounds are examples of this.

Do richer sounds inadvertently cause harm?

It might protect you from accidental damage, fire, or theft, but it probably won’t have as many features as a Richer Sounds guarantee or cover mechanical failure.