Sears Price Match Policy: Find out how its Policies Work!


Sears Price Match Policy

Sears Price Match Policy: Sears is a worldwide recognized store with a long history and millions of consumers.

Sears has always been devoted to offering excellent items at affordable costs to its consumers, which is why its price matches its competitors for in-store or online products.

Consider how Sears’ price matching and adjustment practices work:

Does Sears Offer a Price Match Policy?

Yes. Sears will match any lower-priced item found at a competitor’s nearby store. If the item is similar to the one on, they will price match. Sears Price Match Policy.  

You must bring the advertisement to an employee at to request a price match, and they will price match the item.

Does Sears match online prices?

Yes. If you discover an item at a cheaper price on a competitor’s website online, including shipping charges, you can request a price match at Sears.

You must bring a printed advertisement to your local Sears shop for this. Sears will price match that item for you after your eligibility has been confirmed.

Is there a price adjustment policy at Sears?

Yes. If you bought an item from a Sears store within the last 30 days and located an identical item at a cheaper price at a competitor, you may request a price match at Sears and they will reimburse the difference.

Sears Price Match Policy

Criteria for Price Matching:

If you are going to seek a price match for anything at Sears, you should be aware of the price match requirements. Here are several prerequisites:

  1. The item you wish to price match must be identical, which means it must have the same model number and brand. 
  2. The product shouldn’t be sold during the holidays or as part of any other sale. 
  3. The desired item for the price match should be available (and not out of stock) at the competitor’s store at the time of purchase. 
  4. When a competitor’s item is out of stock, Sears will provide an equivalent or better item at the quoted price. 
  5. The price match from Sears must be for the same quantity or size of the item.

Price Match Process:

Sears has a straightforward approach to matching rivals’ prices. Here’s how to ask Sears for a price match:

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In-Store Price Match:

  • If you discover an available product at a lesser price at a rival of Sears, bring documentation of that advertisement with you and display it to any colleague at the Sears shop.
  • They will check and price match for you if the desired item is eligible.
  • You should also ensure that the item is only eligible on the day of purchase.

Online Price Match:

  • Although the online approach is straightforward, you must fill out a form to seek a price match. The price match form is available here. To move forward with your price matching request, you must include your item number and description, as well as any other relevant information, like the name and address of the competitor where you found the item. 

  • For an online price match to work, the item in the competitor’s store must be for sale and be able to be shipped to your address. Sears Price Match Policy. 


Aside from the price match policy, there are several exclusions in price matching. Many discounts and bargains, for example, cannot be price matched at Sears. Here are some exceptions:

  • Sears won’t match prices on some items, like those that are on sale, clearance, or closeout. 
    Sears would not match prices on damaged or returned merchandise. 
  • Installation and assembly are not priced competitively. 
  • Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico are not included in the online price match. 
  • Price matching does not include typographical mistakes. 
  • Sears will not price match anything given by rivals on Thanksgiving Day and through the following Wednesday, including bonus incentives, special offers, bundled deals, or rebates.

Price Adjustment Process:

Price Protection is a price adjustment offered by Sears. If you buy something from Sears and the price drops within 30 days, you will be refunded the difference. However, here’s how to get a price adjustment at Sears:

  • If you want to ask Sears to change the price, take your receipt back to the store where you bought the item. 
    If you bought the item through rather than a store, you might fill out the form provided by Here’s a link to the form. 
  • If your request is accepted, you will be refunded the difference.

But it would be best if you also remembered that several items aren’t eligible for Sears Price Protection Policy. The items include:

  • Clothing clearance goods
  • Special Offers Available Only Online

Price Match Competitors of Sears:

Sears does not have a precise rival list, however, they have said on their website that all competitors should be in the same market and within a fair distance of their shop.

Some Questions and Answers:

So you’ve heard about Sears’ price match and price adjustment policies, but you might still have questions. Here are some questions and answers to assist you:

What are the exclusions for Sears’ policy?

Items that aren’t covered by their Price Protection Program include, but aren’t limited to, clothing on clearance, special offers that are only available online if you meet certain conditions, and items that are on sale, clearance, or closeout because they are trying to get rid of them at a lower price.

Sears has the right to deny any price adjustment request. For services like installation and assembly, Sears does not match rival rates. Typographical mistakes are not covered under Sears’ policy.

Does the Sears store require membership for price matching?

To price match at, you must be a member, and you must bring your Sears membership card with you when you request a price match.

Summary of the Article:

We hope this information has helped you understand more about Sears’ price match policy and adjustment. Sears Price Match Policy.  

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below or email us directly with your question. We will make every effort to respond to your inquiries. the official website.

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