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Shell provides an extremely user-friendly and quality-filled card to its customers referred to as Shell Fuel card. Shell fuel Card is only used in Shell locations and gives a wide range of rewards to cardholders. If you are a new customer of the Shell credit card you’ll save 30 cents per gallon for the first five fuel purchases you make on Shell and also $10 per gallon for future purchases. The other rewards are quite attractive and surprising. The rewards offered by Shell Fuel are specially designed to benefit our customers.

Shell Credit Card

This article will provide details regarding Shell Fuel card Rewards. Be sure to read the article thoroughly and don’t miss a single detail since Shell Fuel Rewards can be very useful for you.

Features of Shell Credit Card 

  • Gas awards with solid merits
  • Prices that are reasonable on products and food
  • Refunds for programmatic refunds
  • Discounts come with a few limitations
  • An application interaction can lead to the use of a card that is less engaging
  • The one-time deal
  • A large portion of Shell fuel reserve funds don’t require a card
  • There’s no spending cap on purchases that are eligible for these prizes.
  • Additionally, you can enjoy 10% off Shell credit card discounts on purchases other than fuel in Shell credit card stores will add reserve funds in the event of possibility that you do often are served drinks, bites, or other randomities after the topping off.
  • With its 2 Shell credit card, you can claim a refund on the first $10,000 of food purchases and purchases of food items
  • The card’s compensation for the same way as cards that provide a broader 1.5 percent or 2percent on all purchases.

Rates of Shell Credit Card login

  • The regular APR is 26.49%
  • The annual fee is $0
  • A foreign transaction fee is 3%

Shell Fuel Rewards and Benefits

Shell Fuel card offers its cardholders a variety of attractive Rewards that they can avail themselves whenever they like since their account’s activities are the control of their own. Here’s an overview of the benefits that Shell Fuel Card offers its customers. Shell Fuel Card gives its customers

  • The Shell Fuel Card can help you reduce 30 cents per gallon for your initial five purchases at Shell through this Shell Fuel card.
  • In the future, you could also save 10 cents per gallon at any time on your Shell purchases by using a Shell fuel card.
  • If you make your first purchase of $1200 using Shell non-fuel purchase, you’ll get 10% off.
  • Shell Fuel Card is a great option. Shell Fuel card is easy to use and comfortable to use.
  • The card does not charge any fees for the use of the card. It’s completely cost-free.

These rewards should surely have drawn you to the card as these rewards are extremely rare. You can avail of these rewards anytime when you become a client with this credit card.

Apply for Shell Saver Card

  • This Shell savings card is also known as the Shell fuel Rewards card. It allows you to reduce the cost of fuel when you shop at Shell stores.
  • To apply for the card, go to the page
  • When the page is on the left-hand side, click on the button ‘Drivers. From the drop-down, press the Pay button. Then click the ‘Shell fuel rewards’ credit card’ button.
  • On the next screen, you’ll be presented with two cards. You can select the Shell fuel Rewards Card or Shell Fuel Rewards MasterCard.
  • To apply for the Shell Fuel Rewards card, click on the ‘Apply Now button. When the page is displayed at the center, enter your name email address, address, and telephone number, and click the ‘Continue’ link.
  • To apply, you can contact us at 1-877-697-4355.

Shell Credit Card Login

  • The page will open in the middle, you will need to enter your username and password.
  • Then hit the ‘Sign in Now click on the ‘Sign on’ button.

Fuel Rewards Login Guide

If you’re looking to reap the incredible rewards provided through Shell Fuel card, then you must sign up. Shell Fuel card you will be able to quickly sign-in into your Shell Fuel Rewards Account and take advantage of the benefits that it offers. Here are a few easy steps to sign in to the Fuel Rewards account:

  • You just need to at first go to the official website of
  • Enter your username and Password into the provided boxes on the website.
  • After reviewing the information you entered, click the “Sign in” selection from the menu.
  • You have now succeeded in completing the Login procedure.

If you follow the above steps, you can easily log into the Shell Fuel Rewards account and then start enjoying the fantastic rewards offered by your Shell fuel credit card.

How to change username?

If you are looking to change or change your Shell credit card username (ID) then follow the following steps:

  • Return to the homepage, and select”Retrieve User Identification” and then click on the “Retrieve User ID” link.
  • Input your full name, number, and the 4 last digits of your Social Security Number in order to confirm your identity.

How can I reset my password?

  • Then, on the Shell Credit Card homepage click on the “Reset password” button.
  • Like any other time, you have to confirm the information you have by writing down your name, number, and SSN.
  • To keep your financial data as secure as is possible, Shell recommends changing the password of the credit card account at least every 60-90 days. Therefore, it is better to make it a habit to change the password regularly.

How to Buy Shell Gift Card

  • To buy the gift card open the page
  • The page will open in the center, click on the ‘Buy gift cards The button will open.
  • On the next screen, you must select an image and follow the directions.

How to Reload Shell Gift Card

  • To reload the card open the page
  • When the page is open in the upper right corner, click the ‘Reload your account Then click on the ‘Reload your card’ button.
  • You must provide the card number, then press the ‘Submit’ button.

Shell Fuel App

Shell Fuel app is a web-based method that lets you manage and operate the Shell Fuel account from your laptop, mobile tablet, personal computer, or every other gadget. Your online activities with Fuel App are fully safe and your personal data will be kept secure for you and your account. Your personal information and data are not shared with any other person. It is possible to complete all of your actions using this application. It is available on Google Play Store. Shell Fuel app is readily accessible on the Google Play Store. It is simple to visit your Google Play store and search for Shell Fuel App on the search bar. The app will be on the first page of the results.

Select the app and choose the Install options below the logo. It will take a few minutes and your app is installed successfully. You are able to start your app and use the services it provides simply by pressing the screen.

Shell Fuel Reward Customer Service Information

Shell Customer Service Centre is available all hours of the day. We make every effort to put in our efforts to improve your experience and also to reduce your financial burden. This guide should have provided you the information you need of Shell Fuel card rewards login and the rewards offered by the Shell Fuel card contact us immediately without delay.

Shell Fuel Card Login

Our customer service department is secure, and you will not need to think for an instant before calling or sending us an email. When you call us, we’ll quickly resolve your issues and respond to your inquiries quickly. Our responsibility is to answer your questions and we don’t want our clients to be unhappy with our service. Below is the contact information that you can reach us:

  • Toll-Free Number:(888) 467-4355
  • Customer Service: (888) 467-4355
  • Headquarters: +3 170 377 9111
  • Headquarters Address: Carel van Bylandtlaan 16, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Headquarters Contact details: +2 132 191 5915
  • Shell Website:
  • Corporate Office Address Shell Headquarter, Carel van Bylandtlaan 16, The Hague, The Hague 2596 HR Netherlands

This article is all about Shell Fuel card Login and this article ought to satisfy you with the complete answers to your queries. You can follow your Shell Fuel card login procedure in this article. You can quickly login into Your Shell Fuel Account.


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