Walmart Academy Prepaid Card Login 2021

Walmart Academy Prepaid Card Online Account Access

Are you currently a Walmart Academy Prepaid Visa Card or Mastercard cardholder? Sign up now to access your account online or sign in to an already existing Walmart Academy Card Online Account and manage your card all the time electronically. This Walmart Academy Card Online Account Access lets you monitor your balance on the card as well as track transactions, look up statements, change PINs, and more, all without inconvenience at the convenience at home.

Walmart Academy Prepaid Card Login

How to Set Up Walmart Academy Card Online Account 

Walmart Academy Card is an effective way to pay for expenses related to training. If you own a Walmart Academy Card and want to connect to your account online, you first must set up your account online and then create the necessary login. In order to begin the sign-up process for the Walmart Academy Card Online Account first, you must

Walmart Academy Prepaid Card

  • Visit the official Walmart Academy Card website at
  • Go to the “Account Setup” link found at the top of the right and then click on the ‘Sign in button on the left right-hand.
  • Input the number of your Walmart Academy Prepaid Visa Card or Mastercard Number in the first field.
  • Then, enter the three-digit Security Code located at the top in the panel for signatures on the reverse of the card, in the final field.
  • Select the ‘Show Registration Information option to activate this feature to ensure that you’ve entered the correct number.
  • Hit the “Submit “Submit” link to continue with the process of creating an account.

Set up a username as well as password according to the recommendations of Your Walmart Academy Card Online account.

How to Log In to Walmart Academy Prepaid Card Online Account 

In the event that you’ve lost or can’t remember your password to the Walmart Academy Card Online Account, You will be given the option of asking for the creation of a new password. To do that, click the “Forgot Password” link found at the end corner of the ‘Sign In’ box at

Log in with your username and locate your Walmart Academy Card Online Account. Follow the instructions on the screen to reset the password.

Walmart Academy Prepaid Card Offers & Features 

Sutton Bank is the issuer of the Walmart Academy Card under authorization from Visa U.S.A. or Mastercard International Inc. A Walmart Academy Prepaid Visa Card or Mastercard offers its users with the following benefits.

  • Pay for your training costs easily and quickly
  • No monthly fees and no dormancy charge and also cash withdrawals from cash machines available over the counter
  • Make use of the card at stores or online, by phone, and via mail orders in the United States and District of Columbia wherever Visa debit cards, also known as Debit Mastercard are accepted.
  • It can be used for credit and debit transactions (entering the PIN that is associated with the Walmart Academy Card)
  • Pay at the gas pump and withhold at least $75 up until the total amount on your credit card. (To get rid of the hold, hand over your debit card or credit card in order to prepay the gas).
  • Pay cash at thousands of free MoneyPass ATMs throughout the nation, and also ATMs outside of the network with a charge
  • Divide the purchase into two payments to create purchases that are that is greater than the balance that is available on your card.

Be aware that you are not able to load it with your Walmart Academy Prepaid Visa Card or Mastercard on your own. The card can only be reloaded through using the Walmart Academy Program. You cannot also make use of the card for regular payments. There are no cash refunds available by this Walmart Academy Card. You will be credited to the balance of your card in exchange for the products or services returned within 30 days.

Walmart Academy Card Customer Service Number

Walmart Academy Prepaid Card Customer Care Phone Number: 1-855-498-8692

Writing Address:

Walmart Academy Customer Care
PO Box 826
Fortson, GA 31808

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