Warzone Bunker Codes: Farmland, TV Station, Boneyard, Prison, Park Bunker Codes


Warzone Bunker Locations and Codes.

Warzone Bunker Codes: List of all Red Card Access bunker sites, Call of Duty: Warzone bunker codes, and other information, including the:

  • Agricultural Bunker Code
  • Code for TV Station Bunkers
  • Code of the Boneyard
  • Bunker Code for Prisons
  • Park Bunker Protocol
  • Code for Stadium Bunkers
  • Code for Bunker 3
  • Code for Bunker No. 11
  • Bunker Code B5
  • Bunker Code B7

Bunkers on the Verdansk Map have some of the best riches stashed away in them. You might have discovered a Red Access Card or the Park or Farmland bunker without knowing how to enter.

To enter some bunkers, you must have a Red Access Card that has been collected; others require an access code; still, others are available to anybody.

However, roughly half of the bunkers were taken from the map in Season 2, however, some are still accessible. Warzone Bunker Codes.

Locations of war zone bunkers.

Except for three, all bunkers are depicted as having large metal doors with three horizontal yellow bars. Warzone Bunker Codes

The bunkers at the Farmland, the TV Station, and the Shack Near the Prison all have different looks because they are keypad-operated doors on or inside of other structures.

The only thing needed to enter six of the Warzone bunker locations is an access code. The Warzone bunker map below shows the locations of these bunkers as yellow circles.

Red circles indicate the locations of Red Access Card bunkers. Indicated with a blue circle is Bunker 11.

Warzone Bunker Codes

Codes for warzone bunkers.

These are the Warzone bunker codes:

[0] 87624851 is the North Junkyard bunker code (not accessible)
[1] 97264138 is the Boneyard bunker code.
[2] 60274513 is the Park bunker code.
[3] 72948531 is the Prison Shack bunker code.
[4] 49285163 is the Farmland bunker code (not accessible)
[5] 27495810 is the TV Station Bunker Code.

Simply enter the aforementioned codes into the keypad at each bunker location if you are the only person there. Be quick, take all you can, and then flee since other players might be waiting to steal. Warzone Bunker Codes.

Locations for Warzone Red Card Access Bunkers.

There are five Warzone bunkers that must all be entered with a “Red Access Card.” Legendary orange chests contain random Red Access Cards.

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These 5 bunkers can no longer be reached with the release of Warzone Season Two, and the Red Access Card is not the only item in the treasure pool.

I will continue to provide the locations of the Red Access Card bunkers on this website in case these 5 bunkers are opened up at a later time in Season 3 or 4. Warzone Bunker Codes.

The following 5 Warzone Red Access Card bunkers are located there:

South of the Hills
[7] Dam (no longer accessible)
South of a military base, at [8] (no longer accessible)
East of Quarry ([9] (no longer accessible)
ten) Prison (no longer accessible)

On the above map, the five Red Access Card bunkers are denoted by red circles. Warzone Bunker Codes.

Code for Warzone Bunker 11.

There is a blue bunker marked with the number 11 on the Warzone bunker sites map above. This bunker, which the Call of Duty community has given the name “Bunker 11,” is located to the northwest of the military base.

A laborious easter egg procedure that involved phoning phones all across Verdansk was required to enter this bunker. In Season Two, Bunker 11 is inaccessible and this easter egg is no longer functional. 

Airport Warzone Bunker.

Given that it is concealed in a sizable hole in the runway, the Airport Warzone bunker is simple to locate. Warzone Bunker Codes.

You can use a parachute to descend through the hole. The ladder on the cylinder is not essential. Use the orange rope in the corner to exit whenever you like.

The bunker has a huge “nuke” monitor that could be utilized in upcoming episodes. In the beginning, the bunker is a great spot to “gear up” because it is filled with blue boxes and one orange crate that contains goodies.

Bunker at Warzone Stadium.

The Stadium features three sealed doors with valuable loot, but without an access code, you cannot enter the Stadium underground.

Three “Blue Access Cards” are hidden throughout the stadium. These cards have the codes P2-16, CL-19, and EL-21, which stand for the floors where the card and locked door are located.

Parking Level 2 is designated as P2, Concourse Level as CL, and Executive Level as EL.

Be quick and accurate because you can only find the Stadium bunker cards in the first five minutes of a game.

Once you have them, swipe the cards through the corresponding bunker’s card reader to discover a tonne of goodies.

New Warzone Bunkers for Season 2.

In Season 2, three brand-new bunkers are discovered in Verdansk beneath three sizable concrete monuments.

The places are:

  • Styor Spomenik in Tavorsk Park, Jarvdinsk Spomenik above the Arklov Peak Military Base, and Zoszni Spomenik southeast of the Novi Grazna Hills
    These modern bunkers are open and do not require codes or access cards.
  • They don’t contain much treasure, but each has a “Zombie” terminal that likely indicates when a zombie epidemic in Verdansk is about to happen.

Quick Map for the COD Warzone Bunker Codes.

Please utilize the map below to quickly view the COD Warzone bunker codes because they are actually written on the map there.

Agricultural Bunker Code.

What does Warzone’s Farmland Bunker Code entail?
The entry code for the Farmland bunker is 49285163.

Bunker Code for a TV station.

What does the Warzone TV Station Bunker Code entail?
The entry code for the TV Station bunker is: 27495810.

Code for the Boneyard.

What does Warzone’s Boneyard Bunker Code entail?
The entrance code for the Boneyard (South Junkyard) bunker is 97264138.

Bunker Code in Prisons.

What does Warzone’s Prison Bunker Code entail?
The entrance code for the Prison Shack bunker is 72948531.

Bunker Code for Park.

What does Warzone’s Park Bunker Code entail?
60274513 is the access code for the Park bunker.

Bunker Code for the North Junkyard.

What does Warzone’s North Junkyard Bunker Code entail?
The entrance code for the North Junkyard bunker is 87624851.

Dam Bunker Code, D2.

What does Warzone’s Dam Bunker code mean?
There is no access code for the D2 Dam Bunker that you may use to go inside. Red Access Card is required.

Bunker locations for Warzone season 3.

What are Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 3 Bunker entry codes and locations?

The new map for Season 3 of Warzone features 14 bunkers. Some are located where earlier bunkers were, while others are in brand-new locations.

The map below shows the locations of every bunker. They are numbered from 00 and up to 13, just like in the game.

The game does not assign numbers to bunkers 12 and 13, but we have listed them here nevertheless.


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The Access code for this Warzone Bunker Codes room is 27495810
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